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PROGRAM Folk Seminar 2015

Please note that this web page will be updated shortly with information about the 2015 Folk Seminar. We have left the 2014 Seminar content on-line for your reference.

Prof. Lyuben Dossev, Program Director, 2015 Folk Music & Dance Seminar

Instrument, Vocal, Dance, and Bulgarian Language Classes

One of our general goals is to present instructors who have not previously taught outside Bulgaria and to have multiple instructors and English language assistants for each class. Thus our instrumental and vocal music classes will be co-presented by guest "old masters" who have their own regional/local repertoire (but are generally not accustomed to teaching), and faculty of the Music Academy and Ensemble Trakiya (who are accustomed to teaching). We expect that each "old master" will only be present at the Seminar for part of the time, but long enough to impart some of his or her unique skill, knowledge and experience. The same concept will also be true for the folk dance classes, where staff and assistants associated with the Music Academy will work with village dancers from different parts of the country to present authentic dance material.

Complete list of teachers

Instrument Classes

(Instrument Type and Student Levels)

(Click on an instrument to hear sound bites)*

gaida - Wedding Tune and Rûchenitsa, 383KB Thracian/Dzhura Gaida (Beginning & Experienced)
kaval - Terzeliiska Ruchenitsa, 423KB Kaval (Beginning & Experienced)
kaba gaida - Rûchenitsa, 416KB Rhodope/Kaba Gaida (Beginning & Experienced)
gûdulka - Pravo Horo, 488KB Gudulka (Beginning & Experienced)
tûpan Tupan (Beginning & Experienced)
tambura - Radomirska Ruchenitsa, 381KB Tambura (Beginning & Experienced)
clarinet Clarinet (Experienced only)
Accordion Accordion (Experienced only)
violin Violin (Experienced Only)

Please note that at present, we are only offering both Beginning & Experienced instruction in the traditional Bulgarian instruments because such classes are not commonly available outside of Bulgaria.

We are also offering accordion, clarinet and violin classes to students that already have some experience playing these instruments. These classes will focus on Bulgarian, styling, technique and ornamentation for these instruments.

Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments with them to Bulgaria. Students not having instruments may rent them from the Music Academy for a small daily charge.

Singing Classes

These classes will offer an opportunity to work on singing styles from different folklore regions in Bulgaria, including Strandzha, Thrace, Pirin, Rhodope mountains, and Dobrudzha. No prior singing experience is needed.

Dance Classes

Bulgarian folk dance classes will feature regional/village dancers from various folklore areas of Bulgaria, who will be assisted by English speaking dance staff familiar with how non-Bulgarians learn dance. Dance classes will take place throughout the morning and afternoon.

Language Classes

Bulgarian language classes will be offered after lunch each day.

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